Genda Peepal Bandarwar


GENDA Peepal BANDARWAR Charming decor accent that celebrates ancestral tradition, beauty, and culture.

Marigold and bodhi (peepal) tree leaves with strings embellishments
Set of 1 bandarwar and 2 latkan.
Decorate your doorway or the walls of your homes with the sparkle of the bandarwar.
The structure of real flowers is extensively studied to design the Banana fiber paper handcrafted flowers.
The flowers are dyed mustard-tangerine by hand, details of the leaf are painted on in gold and jute and wooden beads are added to enhance the beauty of the product.
A single bandarwar is assembled and completed by a team of 3 women.
The bandarwar is packed for transportation in a lovely basket that can be reused for storage.


Handmade Banana Fiber Paper
Wooden & Jute Beads
Recycled 100% Cotton Paper


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