Senses Play is a celebration of nature, tradition, and mindfulness. In today’s day and time, it is necessary to be mindful of the products we choose to fill our spaces with. There is a long-standing tradition of sustainability that is deep-rooted in our culture. Our collections celebrate these ancestral traditions and beauty.

Our products are ethically made and reflects an appreciation for all people involved in the process. Each product is masterfully handcrafted by passionate people. We aim to support living wages and fair trade for artisans.

Come with us on a journey to ensure guilt-free festivity, joy, and traditions by way of ethical living
. Our intention is to offer exceptional products created with passion and purpose behind every element selected and every person involved in the process.


  1. Banana paper is made using the stem of the banana tree. First, the fibers are extracted from the stem of the banana tree.
  2. These fibers are then dried under the sun and cut into small pieces manually using a machete or a mounted sickle.
  3. The small pieces of fibers are then cooked in hot water and beaten into a fine pulp
  4. This pulp is poured into a water tank, a mesh frame is then submerged into it and lifted up giving us a thin layer of pulp on the mesh.
  5. This wooden frame is then inserted into a hydraulic press to dehydrate the pulp layer completely.
  6. This layer is then pasted on a steel tank containing hot water for drying. After the drying process, the banana paper is obtained.


  1. Once the banana fiber paper sheets are dried, they are then dyed by hand by the women at Senses Play.
  2. Materials required for crafting ‘phools’ are gathered.
  3. The banana fiber paper sheets are cut into circular shapes.
  4. The circles are cut further to resemble the form of flower petals.
  5. The petals from the banana fiber paper sheets are now sewn together.
  6. An intricate and exquisite flower form is created.
  7. Voilà! We present to you lovely banana fiber paper flower products. Ready to adorn your homes.

Introduce into your homes the feel of luxury, warmth, and good deeds through our products handcrafted with love. Our raw materials are sourced ethically, and eco-friendly procedures transform them into stunning and intricate creations.

Senses Play brings to you conscious living through our eco-minded and sustainable carefully curated collections that inspire minimal impact living.