Genda Phool Wood Pendant Lamp Tangerine – Mustard – White


Genda PHOOL WOOD PENDANT LAMP Understated elegance for the eco-conscious.

Genda Phool Wooden Pendant LampĀ  – Marigold flower hanging lamp – Introduce understated elegance to your spaces with the Genda Phool Pendant lamp. – Structure of real flowers is extensively studied to design the Banana fiber paper handcrafted flowers. – The flowers are dyed tangerine by hand and blue pottery beads are attached to the creation. The flowers and the beads are assembled by a team of six women. – Natural wood is worked on by a National Awardee craftsman to form the round wooden plank for the lamp. – Each unwithering marigold flower string is attached with brass hooks. – LED light fixture is seamlessly fitted into a round wooden plank. – Geometric wooden beads are used to hang the pendant lamp to the ceiling.


Handmade Banana Fiber Paper

Blue Pottery Beads

Recycled 100% Cotton Paper

Natural Wood With Light Fitting


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