Come with us on a journey to ensure guilt-free festivity, joy and traditions by way of ethical living. Our intention is to offer exceptional products created with passion and purpose behind every element selected and every person involved in the process.
Senses Play Story
Senses Play is a celebration of nature, tradition and mindfulness. In today’s day and time, it is necessary to be mindful of the products we choose to fill our spaces with. There is a long-standing tradition of sustainability that is deep-rooted in our culture. Our collections celebrate these ancestral traditions and beauty.
Our products are ethically made and reflect an appreciation for all people involved in the process. Each product is masterfully handcrafted by passionate people for whom we aim to support living wages and fair trade.

Minds Behind Senses Play

Swati Rao

A design graduate from the National Institute of Design Ahmedabad with rich and extensive experience, Swati has worked with various brands, museums, and events to bring out insights and implement innovative solutions. She has extensive industry experience, having worked with studios such as EDC, Design Factory, NH1 designs, 100 Watts studio, and many more.

As an educator, she has played multiple roles such as Associate Dean at WDU and taught at prestigious institutions such as Pearl Academy and GD Goenka University. She is a people leader who has helped students unleash their strength and motivated them towards growth. 

As the Covid 19 pandemic gripped the world, she saw a deeper need for sustainability.  She recognized that the transition to a sustainable future can drive post-pandemic recovery, by providing job creation and increasing economic and environmental resiliency for the long term. 

Senses Play, the brand, was born from this need for sustainability. With collections that promote slow living and sustainable choices, Swati has brought joyful yet ethical decor to you. 

Lokesh Saini

With more than 3 generations  of experience in the handmade paper industry, Lokesh had something that other manufacturers lacked – A Vision to innovate. Having studied Aircraft engineering, he declined an opportunity to move abroad and made the conscious decision to serve his community and country. 

Standing by this core belief, he employs more than a hundred artisans in his workspace. With a vision to generate employment in rural areas, he set up a unit in a small village of 600 families, providing round-the-clock electricity at his own expense. 

He is a true leader, often seen interacting with all staff as a friend and taking their enthusiastic ideas into account. He aims to bring visions to reality and believes that each product must be perfect. Sharing a common philosophy of dedication and hard work, it took only 10 days for Lokesh & Swati to become business partners. While Swati designs and develops products, Lokesh ensures seamless execution and manufacturing of these designs. In tandem, they both bring to you decades of experience put together, And translate it into collections that will play with your senses.